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YEAC-Bank Mapping Guide (BMG)

September 1, 2021
In Support of the Access to Finance Program, YEAC has Recently Elaborate a Bank Mapping Guide Report listing all the major option for local MSMEs to access dept financing through financial institution in cambodia.The guide collects information and compares banking products of commercial banks and microfinance institution accessible to MSMEs. It gives a detaied outlook of each bank with a listing of intereste rate, processing fees, eligibility criteria and other requirements both for secure and unsecure loans. By developing this tool, YEAC aims at overcoming the generally mentions lack of information about source of financing for both dept and equity financing. The BMG's objestive is to make it easier for MSME's to identify source of finance, to compare different loan from different finincial institutions and better informed before requestion a specific product. The BMG will be publish on-and offline as a pocket guide, include major bank in cambodia, especially those that participate in SME Co-Financing Scheme with the Cambodia Government. For more information please contact: Ms. Neang Sovatha. TEL 096 334 8935 *Please click the link to download Bank Mapping Guide Book: https://bit.ly/32UZKZI


តោះបងប្អូនទាំងអស់គ្នា ដែលជាសិស្សនិស្សិត សហគ្រិនវ័យក្មេងចាស់ ប្រុស ស្រីនាំគ្នាចូលរួមកម្មវិធីសន្និបាតបញ្ញាវន្តពិភពលោកជាមួ
October 1, 2021
Global Entrepreneurship Congress
The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC) was Launched in September 2009 by a team of passionate Cambodian young entrepreneurs from various sectors of businesses in Cambodia, the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC) was established as a volunteer-driven non-profit organization whose mandate is to empower young entrepreneu
August 18, 2021