In 2022, the Young Entrepreneurs Association​ of Cambodia will hold its fourth council meeting in 2022 to discuss future plans for AYEC.

December 11, 2022

Phnom Penh, 11th November 2022, in conjunction with the Cambodia ASEAN Chairmanship 2022, the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC), as the Chair of the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council (AYEC) 2022, hosted its 4th Council Meeting of 2022 physically to discuss the future plan for AYEC.

As Chairman of AYEC 2022, Mr. Seang Sopagna led the discussion with Ms. Deborah Melissa Bottreau, AYEC Secretary-General, to provide insightful council updates, AYEC matters arising, activities to build upon from the previous year as well as other initiations focusing on promoting and maximizing benefits of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs.

After the fruitful discussion, AYEC have sign MoU with DG1 and MACC for tap into each other’s network and resources to further each organization’s aims, and to increase access to and opportunities for the purpose of investment opportunities, sharing of events, and promotional activities between both parties in ASEAN.

There also a Welcome Dinner to welcome all Council members, Club Member, Guest, Speakers and Moderators for contributing to the 7th AYE Carnival in Cambodia this year.

This year, 2022, AYEC excited for the 7th ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival that will host physically on 12th and 13th November, under the theme “Rise Stronger, Together,” along with many honorable high ranking guests, entrepreneurs from all across ASEAN countries which will be good opportunity to support and promote ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs.

The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia is fully ready and committed to bringing AYEC to the next level with all ASEAN Countries.