Dear YEAC Members,

This is another special day in my life that I have been elected to be the President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC).

I remembered in 2009, when it was my first time to join the YEAC. One question that has been always asked by friends and business partners that know me is “what are the benefits when we join YEAC”. This was a very simple question which was difficult for me to find the good answer for them at that time because it was the starting point of the association and I was also the new member as well. However, I am very clear in mind that without YEAC, I cannot stand here and know a lot of good people like today. As a fresh graduate and no experience in business, I have started my first business with my relative as the retail and distributor of Toys business name Toys & Me in 2007. It would be very hard for all of you to imagine the difficulty and the challenge that I had faced at that time. After joining this association in 2009, YEAC gives me a warm feeling; I can tell myself I am not alone anymore and my business journey has been moved faster with a lot of support and mentor from my senior businessmen within the association. In 2011, I founded two more companies name (i) Biz Solution which is the software solution specialize on mobile application and website design and (ii) G Gear Co., Ltd which is the distributor and LG Brandshop partner of the LG Electronics.

Last but not least, I always keep in mind that the success of YEAC is not possible without the active support and participation of the current Board of Directors; past Board members; Partners; Royal Government of Cambodia; and most importantly, our members. I would like to thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to serve you. I truly appreciate your trust and confidence in me. I strongly believe that our tirelessly commitment will lead this association to achieve our determined goal, mission and vision.

Sincerely yours,


KOUCH Pheng (William)